How to create a smile you can be proud of.

Why do I need orthodontics?

Not all teeth develop in the way you might hope or expect. Sometimes they can protrude or arrive crooked. Sometimes they overlap and sometimes they’re ‘crowded out’ by the rest of your teeth.

For some people these issues can affect self-confidence. They can alter the way you smile. They can stop you smiling altogether. Others are less concerned about the appearance than the effect on their dental health. Overlapping teeth can be difficult to clean and more prone to tooth decay and other problems.

Orthodontics is the term given to the various tools (such as braces) used to gradually adjust the position of your teeth, reshaping them so your health and your confidence benefit.

What might my orthodontic treatment include?

There are lots of ‘degrees’ of orthodontic treatment and the course of treatment for every person is different. We’ll carry out orthodontic removals (to free up space in a crowded mouth) at our Winchester dental practice. If you would benefit from other treatments such as braces we’ll refer you to a specialist orthodontist.

How long will I have to wear my orthodontics?

It varies depending on the degree of reshaping you need. As a general rule, most people wear orthodontics for between 18 and 24 months.

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