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Regular check-ups mean better dental health
The sooner you deal with dental problems, the better. That’s why regular dental check-ups matter, because they enable us to spot the first signs of trouble and put things right before they get a chance to cause pain.

We’ll ask you to visit our Winchester dental surgery for regular check-ups, where we’ll check that your teeth and gums are healthy, discuss any problems, and make sure that, if there is anything that needs urgent attention, you get it fast.


Scale and Polish

Keep your teeth tartar-free
Regular, careful brushing is the key to removing tartar, but once it takes hold it can be hard to shift. If tartar has accumulated on your teeth since you last visited us, we’ll use a scale and polish to remove it.


Amalgam Fillings

Repair the damage caused by tooth decay
If tooth decay causes damage a filling is often the simplest way of fixing things. Amalgam silver/metal fillings are the most common types of fillings but alternatives are available at our Winchester dental practice. See below for details.


White Fillings

The fillings that stay hidden
White fillings hide the tell-tale evidence that you’ve ever had fillings at all. They can be available for NHS patients in some instances (for example, when the fillings are required in your front teeth). They’re always an option if you’re having private dental treatment at our Winchester dental practice.


Root Canal Treatments

Protecting your teeth from infection
When the blood or nerve supply to the root of a tooth becomes infected there’s a danger you’ll lose the tooth. Root canal treatment is how your Winchester dentist treats the infection and limits the damage, usually by filling the root canal so it can’t become infected again.


Tooth Extractions

Help for damaged teeth or a crowded mouth
We extract teeth when they’re too decayed or damaged to repair, or when your mouth is too crowded for all the teeth it contains. Extractions can give your teeth the room they need to develop properly, and prevent teeth protruding or overlapping.

We’ll usually carry out extractions at our Winchester dental surgery under local anaesthetic. If an extraction is likely to be more complex (eg because of the way the tooth is lying) we may refer you for extraction at your local hospital.


Metal Crowns

For a stronger, longer lasting crown
Crowns sit over the top of an existing tooth like a cap, preventing the tooth beneath from further damage. We use a range of crowns (including ceramic/porcelain) but for back teeth you may find a metal crown gives your bite greater strength and durability.



Halfway between a filling and a crown
An inlay is bonded and moulded to back teeth that may have become fractured, but aren’t damaged enough to warrant a crown. They’re becoming an increasingly popular option at our Winchester dental surgery as they can be matched to the colour of your teeth.

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